Past HTUF Conferences

  • HTUF 2015 Sterling Heights, Michigan

    HTUF National Meeting & Technical Exchange

    Luis Villahermosa, Left, TARDEC Fuels and Lubricants Technology supervisor, briefs HTUF members on the capabilities of TARDEC’s Fuels and Lubricants lab.  HTUF members visited TARDEC in conjunction with their National Conference, September 30, 2015.  (Photo by Jerry Aliotta, TARDEC Public Affairs.) 

    Luis Villahermosa, Left, TARDEC Fuels and Lubricants Technology supervisor, briefs 
    HTUF members on the capabilities of TARDEC’s Fuels and Lubricants lab.  
    HTUF members visited TARDEC in conjunction with the National Conference, September 30, 2015.  
    (Photo by Jerry Aliotta, TARDEC Public Affairs.)

    September 29-30
    Sterling Heights, MI

    The 2015 HTUF National Meeting and Technical Exchange was held September 29-30, 2015 in Sterling Heights, Michigan. This event provided an opportunity for HTUF stakeholders (military planners, OEMs, suppliers, and fleets) to exchange information on issues affecting the development and deployment of high-efficiency military and commercial vehicles.  Building on past HTUF events, this was a working meeting that delivered action-oriented outcomes.

    The meeting venue was the Defense Corridor Center for Collaboration and Synergy (DC3S – Briefings and a tour of the vehicle test laboratories at the U.S. Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) in Warren, Michigan were held on day two.

    Read the TARDEC press release, recapping the event


    Tuesday September 29, 2015 – at DC3S in Sterling Heights

    • Morning – plenary sessions on important commercial and military truck topics
    • Lunch with keynote speaker
    • Afternoon – working group meetings: Military Truck Action Group; Commercial Truck Action Group; E-Truck Task Force; Connected and Automated Vehicle Working Group; Fuel Economy Task Force; Battery Jumpstart Advisory Group; Fleet Sustainability Group
    • Reception
    Wednesday September 30, 2015 – at TARDEC in Warren
    • Briefing with TARDEC leadership
    • Laboratory tours
    • Adjourn at 2pm
    Dr. Mark Brudnak, Senior Technical Expert for TARDEC Physical Simulation and Test, speaks to HTUF members about the capabilities of TARDEC’s Ground Vehicle Simulation Laboratory.  HTUF members visited TARDEC in conjunction with their National Conference, September 30, 2015.  (Photo by Jerry Aliotta, TARDEC Public Affairs.)
    Dr. Mark Brudnak, Senior Technical Expert for TARDEC Physical Simulation 
    and Test, speaks to HTUF members about the capabilities of TARDEC’s 
    Ground Vehicle Simulation Laboratory.  HTUF members visited TARDEC 
    in conjunction with the National Conference, September 30, 2015.  
    (Photo by Jerry Aliotta, TARDEC Public Affairs.)

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    About HTUF

    The High-Efficiency Truck Users Forum (HTUF) is the nation’s leading program driving production and use of medium- and heavy-duty high-efficiency trucks and buses. HTUF is a national program operated by CALSTART in partnership with and under contract to the US Army TARDEC National Automotive Center.
  • 2015 Green California Summit Clean Transportation Forum

  • 2014 Argonne, Illinois

    September 22-24, 2014 | Argonne National Laboratory, IL Collaboration. Decision. Action. The High-Efficiency Truck Users Forum represents the process for making change happen in the high efficiency truck and bus arena. The HTUF 2014 National Meeting is built around action, engagement, and collaboration. Industry and military thought leaders gathered to identify and address the barriers to the adoption of high-efficiency truck and bus technologies. Read the press release. Visit the web site. See the agenda. Watch the recap slideshow. See the presentations.

  • 2013 Chicago, Illinois



    PBoulder EVs and others at HTUF 2013 Ride and Drive Soldier Field Chicago Oct 8, 2013erhaps the most important takeaway from 2013's event is the continued need to bring industry leaders (military and commercial, government and industry) together annually to review and update on important work across all High-Efficiency technologies for commercial vehicles, and to identify key actions required to move industry forward in the year ahead – HTUF is that venue and has an important role to play as “The Forum for Action in High-Efficiency Commercial Vehicles”.  








  • 2012 Charlotte, North Carolina

    HTUF 2012 Conference Expands Focus for Fleets and Industry

    Nearly 400 industry professionals gathered in Charlotte, NC this September to mark the 12th year of the High-Efficiency Truck Users Forum. The HTUF program originally began as a mechanism for fostering the growth of the hybrid market for medium- and heavy-duty trucks. Now the program has expanded to include a broad range of high-efficiency technologies that will help reduce petroleum usage, saving fleets money while cutting emissions..

    Given the range of options, the advanced truck marketplace is a rapidly changing landscape, making it a difficult to stay informed. The purpose of the HTUF National Conference and Expo is to serve as a one-stop shop for fleet and industry professionals looking to make intelligent business decisions on vehicles, strategies and partners.

    This year’s event featured the latest real-world market demand data for high-efficiency trucks, hands-on business case calculators and lifecycle cost analyses, funding and incentive information and industry action and policy updates.

    Headlining the 12th HTUF Conference and Expo was Heather Zichal, Deputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Policy, who spoke about the Administration’s policies and programs for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the political and technological realities of affecting change in the medium- and heavy-duty arenas.

    On the final day of the event, Honorable Katherine Hammack, Assistant Secretary of the Army, (Installations, Energy and Environment), gave a stirring keynote address to kick off the HTUF Ride and Drive event, discussing the direct link between fuel reduction and saving the lives of American soldiers overseas. Making military vehicles more efficient reduces the need for fuel convoys, she noted, putting fewer soldiers in harm’s way, which the silent operation of advanced vehicles can minimize their detection.

    Dr. Dane Boysen, Program Director for ARPA-e (Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy) gave insight on the ARPA-e approach of developing new technologies through using a transformational, yet disruptive approach. The mission of the Department of Energy’s ARPA-e program is to ensure that the US is a leader in not only developing, but also manufacturing and deploying advanced energy technologies.

    Leading fleet professionals discussed real world challenges and barriers to market growth in the hybrid and electric industries, giving a rare behind-the-scenes perspective from the user’s standpoint. Additionally, 16 technical sessions covered topics varying from new developments for Class 8 trucks, global expansion in the high-efficiency truck marketplace, and military activities for technology acceleration.

    On the expo floor, 44 companies and organizations provided a first hand look at the future of the trucking industry, displaying new and innovative technologies. Hino showcased its  new, low-cost 195h COE diesel electric hybrid system, and Motiv Power Systems was on hand its their Ford E450 all electric conversion.

    HTUF newcomer Emerald Automotive unveiled its Model T-001 Electric Hybrid delivery van with a gasoline range extender—seen for the first time in the US at this year’s event. The T-001 offers fleet operators an 80% reduction in emissions over conventional vehicles in its class.

    Evans Cooling Systems, another HTUF newcomer and CALSTART member, spoke to attendees about their non-water, environmentally friendly coolant product.

    Duke Energy sponsored the HTUF Ride and Drive at the zMax Dragway at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Attendees were able to drive and/or ride in over 30 high-efficiency trucks and buses, experiencing these advanced vehicles first-hand. Check out some photos from the event.

    For information on obtaining copies of the HTUF 2012 presentations, contact Gina Ochoa at 626.744.5600 or

    Look for an announcement soon on dates and location or the 13th HTUF Conference and Expo.Follow us on Twitter @advancedtrucks for news and updates.


  • 2011 Baltimore, Maryland

    The 11th HTUF Meeting formally showcased its expansion to the Hybrid, Electric and Advanced Truck Users Forum (HTUF 2011), demonstrating the new capabilities and market introductions of hybrid, electric and advanced medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. HTUF partners CALSTART and the U.S. Army TARDEC-National Automotive Center brought together stellar business, technology, policy and academic leaders to speed faster growth. Among the key developments were:
    The H in HTUF Expands: Merging Electric and Hybrid Interests and Strategies

    This year’s conference had very significant participation, close to 50/50 from hybrid and electric truck manufacturers and suppliers, and this emphasis will continue moving forward. A comprehensive E-Truck Task Force session outlined the needs to grow the electric segment.

    More Truck Products for Wider Applications

    The 2011 Expo Hall grew to 50,000 square feet, up from 12,000 in 2010. This year’s conference saw a wide range of vehicle systems in or nearing production featuring pure electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid electric, hydraulic hybrid, or work-site electrification. Among the vehicles on display included an Azure plug-in hybrid shuttle bus, the EVI (UPS) electric delivery van, the Freightliner hybrid electric armored truck, the Quantum plug-in hybrid pick-up-truck, and the BAE 80,000 lbs GVW hybrid electric dump truck. The OEMs are listening to their customers and are continuously improving their hybrid products. Fleets have signaled their intent to purchase more product given the right value equation.
    More Flexible Funding – at the States
    Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley unveiled two initiatives for Maryland truck owners incentivizing the purchase of all-electric heavy-and medium-duty trucks and idle reduction technologies. New York City announced it was close to unveiling its clean truck purchase voucher. And California signaled it is expanding its HVIP voucher to include lighter commercial e-trucks and work site idle reduction systems. Two additional changes coming to the program include a new lower weight class that makes the Transit Connect Electric eligible for funding, and, in November, school buses will get an additional $10,000 over current funding levels.
    More Help in DC: Need to Work Together to Get It
    A bipartisan panel of key Congressional staff observed that while budget issues dominate, they also noted the advanced truck industry has support and there still may be hope in 2011 for hybrid and electric incentives at the federal level – if we get our voices heard.  HTAG, the Hybrid Electric and Advanced Truck Action Group is pursuing this. Made up of a subset of HTUF members, they advocate for purchase incentives and industry support. But we need more companies to take part now. This Baltimore Sun editorial, published during HTUF 2011, highlights the critical role of incentives in driving the early sale of these vehicles.
    More Growth: First HTUF Investor Panel Sees “Bullish” Outlook for Sector
    This year’s HTUF conference featured one of the nation’s leading clean energy lenders (Wells Fargo Bank) and a major cleantech investment firm (Capricorn Investments LLC).  The panelists agreed that the movement toward more efficient commercial vehicles is “inevitable” and that the pace of technological change and adoption will most likely accelerate over the next five to 10 years.
    More Global: HTUF Success Goes to China
    Brad Hess of the U.S. Department of Commerce Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP) announced an award to CALSTART for the development of a U.S.-China Clean Truck Technology Forum.  Drawing on the successes of HTUF, this partnership will connect U.S. truck and bus clean technology companies with Chinese partners and promote the export of American vehicle technologies to China.
    More Leaders: 2 Prestigious Blue Sky Awards Presented
    CALSTART’s prestigious Blue Sky Awards for 2011 honored two leaders: Coca-Cola was recognized for leadership in having the largest heavy-duty hybrid electric fleet in North America with more than 650 hybrid delivery trucks in major U.S. cities; Paul Skalny, Director of the Army’s TARDEC-National Automotive Center, was singled out for his long leadership in driving change in advanced military and commercial vehicles.
    More Vehicles: the White House Recognizes HTUF Rides

    This year’s Ride and Drive was kicked-off by Gary Guzy, White House Council on Environmental Quality’s (CEQ) Deputy Director. WBAL-TV offered a great look at the range of vehicles from hydraulic hybrid refuse trucks to range-extended electric trucks.
    More Momentum: Join Us in Charlotte in 2012
    Building on the success of the 2011 event, HTUF 2012 will be held next fall in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Look for final dates soon!
  • 2010 Dearborn, Michigan

    A snap shot of some of the 38 vehicles in the ride and drive at HTUF 2010 in Dearborn, MI September 30.Nearly 700 people attended the 10th Anniversary of HTUF in Dearborn. Check out the HTUF blog for videos and pictures from the biggest and best HTUF ever.

    Truck Users Forum National Conference
    September 28-30, 2010
    Hyatt Regency Dearborn, Michigan

    If you missed the biggest HTUF ever, or need a refresher, the HTUF National Conference 2010 Proceedings are here.

    CALSTART members pay $100, non-members $150 - includes speaker presentations and final attendee list. To place an order, complete the HTUF 2010 Proceedings Order Form  and return it by fax to 626/7454-5610.  Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

    For additional information, contact Debby DuBose, Event Manager at or call 626.744.5600
  • 2009 Atlanta, Georgia

    Two lines of hybrid electric, electric and plug-in hybrids in HTUF Convoy Atlanta 10-27-09If you were one of the nearly 550 attendees at Hybrid Truck Users Forum National Conference 2009 in Atlanta, thanks for participating in the most successful, action-oriented event yet!  Check out photos, videos, meeting minutes and more.

    Presentations from the conference are now available!
    All registered attendees were sent an email with log-in instructions on November 18th. For non-attendees, conference materials will be available for a fee of $150. Please call 626/744-5600 to order yours today or if you have questions, email Debby DuBose, Event Manager at
  • 2008 South Bend, Indiana

    October 14-16
    The 2008 conference was the most successful, biggest yet, with more than 550 attendees (a 35% increase over 2007) and more than 35 trucks and buses. The event featured the world's biggest medium- and heavy-duty truck and bus convoy and ride and drive. Special thanks to the outstanding support of the HTUF 2008 National Meeting host, Bosch Rexroth.
  • 2007 Seattle, Washington

    September 19-21
    The 2007 conference was hosted by PACCAR Inc. and Eaton Hybrid Power Systems.
  • 2006 San Diego, California

    October 14-16

    The 2006 conference was hosted by an impressive industry team lead by ISE Corporation, together with Maxwell Technology and Siemens. 330+ attendees (20% increase from 2005), one quarter were fleet operators, 14 heavy and medium hybrid vehicles, every major truck maker and manufacture were in attendance.  Check out the ISE HTUF event photo gallery.
  • 2005 Toledo, Ohio

    More than 275 attendees, a quarter of them fleet users from more than 40 major fleets, 13 medium- and heavy-duty hybrid vehicles took part in the three day meeting hosted by Dana Corporation, at the company's Technical Resource Park in Ottawa Lake, Michigan.
  • 2004 Kalamazoo, Michigan

    October 13-15
    Nearly 250 attendees took part in the 2004 Meeting, a 45% increase over 2003. Sponsored by Eaton and International Truck Engine, top trucks makers and suppliers joined fleets for the technical briefings and for the expanded ride and drive.


  • 2003 San Antonio, Texas

    October 22-24
  • 2002 Chattanooga, Tennessee

    October 14-16
  • 2002 Indianapolis, Indiana

    January 22-23