The primary issue of the E-truck business case is generally not whether it can do the duty, but whether it will pay back its incremental cost while doing that duty.  In the near term, with vehicles costs high, that means focusing on those ‘best use profiles’ that give the greatest pay-back opportunities. 

To that end, the E-TTF has identified the following best duty cycles for early deployment of E-Trucks.

Preliminary ‘Best Use Profiles’ / Duty Cycles for E-trucks

 1.    Fixed route applications  

  • Stop and go
  • Localized, dedicated routes
  • Short haul
  • Limited range
  • ‘Spoke and hub’
  • Urban delivery, Refuse, Mail trucks, Transit buses
2.    Facility vehicles
  • Airports, seaports, railyards, military bases, parks, resorts
  • Warehouse support and maintenance
  • Cargo handling
3.    High idle, work site applications
  • Aerial devices
  • Utility vehicles
  • PTO