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Steve Sokolsky

Jasna Tomic

Tom Brotherton

Bill Van Amburg


HTUF is back at full strength!

The 2018 HTUF National Meeting & Technical Exchange took place at the Suburban Showcase in Novi, MI on Aug 6. The below agenda includes links to several of the keynote presentations.


8:30am­                 Registration

9:00am                 Welcome; Preview of Meeting and Overview of HTUF Activities

Steven Sokolsky, HTUF Program Manager, CALSTART

Brad McNett, HTUF Program Manager, U.S. Army-TARDEC

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9:15am                 TARDEC‘s Vehicle Electrification Strategy – Results from the First Meeting and Opportunities for Industry to Participate

Dean McGrew, U.S. Army-TARDEC

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9:45am                 The “Beachhead” Technology Development Concept and Its Relationship to High-Efficiency Vehicles

Bill Van Amburg, Executive Vice President, CALSTART

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10:30am               HTUF Delivering Results

John Major, Achates Power

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10:45am              Vehicle Electrification – Advancing the development and deployment of electrified drivetrains, components and systems

Moderator: Bill Van Amburg, CALSTART


Todd Mouw, ROUSH CleanTech

Jason Gies, AxleTech

Mihai Dorobontu, Eaton

Dr. Jingde (Jim) Yan, Navistar

Bill Kahn, PACCAR

11:45am               LUNCH

NREL’s Perspective on Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle EVs and Duty Cycles

Jason Lustbader, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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The fleet perspective on vehicle electrification, efficiency, automation and cybersecurity

An interview with Mike Britt of MG Britt, Inc.


12:15pm               Vehicle Display

Attendees visit the vehicle display for hands-on experience


12:45pm  Developments in Connected and Automated Vehicle Technologies and the Connection to Vehicle Electrification

Moderator: Steven Sokolsky, CALSTART


Ed Straub, American Center for Mobility

Corey Clothier, Comet Mobility

Frank Perry, WSP

Alex Kade, U.S. Army-TARDEC


1:30pm                 Commercial Vehicle Cybersecurity: Protecting our Technology – The Status Quo is No Longer Acceptable

Moderator: Maureen Marshall, Midwest Director, CALSTART


Michael Dudzik, President, IQM Research Institute

Jack Spielman, President, Spielnet Technologies, LLC

Amy Chu, Senior Director, Automotive Cybersecurity, HARMAN

Brad McNett, HTUF Program Manager, U.S. Army-TARDEC

2:30pm                 Working Group Meetings

Connected & Automated Truck Users Forum, Platinum Ballroom

E-Truck Task Force, Jade room

Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Cybersecurity Working Group, Coral room

4:30pm                 Event Wrap-up/Next Steps

Review of key actions items the community can act on in the next 6, 12 or 18 months in advance of the next HTUF National Meeting

5:00-7:00pm     RECEPTION with vehicle display (Courtyard)

Working Group Descriptions

Connected & Automated Truck Users Forum (Platinum Ballroom) – This group aims to identify barriers and opportunities associated with the development and deployment of connected and automated vehicle technologies. An associated group focusing on transit applications has already been launched. In today’s meeting we will look at the early findings from transit users and explore ways to incorporate them into the commercial vehicle industry. Examples include platooning opportunities, safety systems, advanced driver assistance systems, and communications systems (vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure).

Working Group Lead: Steven Sokolsky, CALSTART. (626) 744-5604 and


E-Truck Task Force (Jade room) – The E-Truck Task Force is a results-driven process seeking innovative solutions to advance medium- to heavy-duty zero-emission vehicles (ZEV). This group is shaping a roadmap that presents creative strategies, opportunities and partnerships to spur market growth of ZEVs. Today’s meeting will include an important conversation on how to create an electric vehicle network that provides sufficient infrastructure and charging needs to enable successful adoption.   The key roadmap topics will include Increasing Market Volumes, Building an Electric Ecosystem, and the ZEV Deployment Toolbox for Fleets.

Working Group Lead: Alycia Gilde, CALSTART. (626) 744-5613 and

Click Here to view the notes from the E-Truck Task Force Meeting


Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Cybersecurity Working Group (Coral room) – This new working group is an outgrowth of HTUF support of TARDEC’s research and outreach in vehicle cybersecurity. Cyber is a key enabler of all the enhanced capabilities presented today including vehicle electrification and connected/automated vehicles. This working group is intended to be a precursor of an inter-agency Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO). Today we will discuss the state of cyber security and the potential impact on our nation’s trucking industry as we increase vehicle electrification.  Input is needed on the best methods for commercial industry, the military, and other governmental agencies to collaborate on this topic.

Working Group Lead: Maureen Marshall, CALSTART. (248) 457-4508 and

Click Here to view the notes from the M/HD Cybersecurity Working Group Meeting


Photo Gallery: Vehicle Showcase
Clean Transportation Efficiencies Forum


Transitioning SuperTruck Technologies to Commercial and Military Applications (MTAG)

Over the last five years, the US Department of Energy's SuperTruck teams have worked to develop and integrate advanced technologies from all component systems of the tractor and trailer into one highly-efficient freight-hauling vehicle. Some of their successes have already transitioned to market and are commercially available for fleets and agencies nationwide. Narrowing down the many advancements from SuperTruck and highlighting the most applicable to heavy-duty military platforms, CALSTART Project Engineer Jean-Baptiste Gallo and Associate Project Manager Ted Bloch-Rubin presented this Military Truck Action Group (MTAG) webinar.

Miss the webinar? Watch the slides and listen to the recording here: Transitioning SuperTruck Technologies to Commercial and Military Applications (MTAG) 

The HTUF team hosts another in its continuing series of webinars. Registration is free of charge, but be sure to reserve your seat in advance.


Two Updates on Cutting-Edge Battery Research, Field Tests HTUF team offered this free webinar on two critical projects related to the key to vehicle electrification: batteries. At this session, Dr Jasna Tomic presented data results from field testing conducted for the 6T Battery project (military configuration for batteries in commercial vehicle applications). She  also provided a project update for Battery JumpStart Initiative, which is evaluating the life-cycle costs for batteries.
Miss this webinar? Visit HTUF's page to watch the recording and see the slides.