Heavy Duty High Efficiency Technology Suppliers

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

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The U.S. has a rich, growing network of companies making high efficiency technologies and systems for trucks and buses. These technologies reduce fuel use, saving fuel and cutting imports, while addressing climate concerns. Driven by need and national fuel economy rules, these companies represent technological leadership, high quality jobs, and a national competitive advantage in a world increasingly needing lower carbon transportation.
In order to quantify this important industry segment to better understand its reach, potential, and areas of need, an initial survey of companies in this industry was compiled and summarized in a white paper, US Heavy-Duty Vehicle High-Efficiency Technology Suppliers. A press release on the white paper can be found here. Press coverage of this white paper can be found hereEarlier, CALSTART held a Medium- and Heavy-Duty Innovators Round Table in conjunction with several partners; key takeaways from this conversation can be found here

This initial survey is depicted in this interactive map showing the locations and capabilities of these companies, tracked by location and across 10 critical technology categories.The preliminary list is not comprehensive. As of August 2016, it has already identified 255 companies in 40 states.  

We welcome you to review the white paper and search the map.  Click directly on the markers to see a company’s profile. This is a living document: help us out.  We encourage companies not currently included or needing an update to fill out this Supplier Info Form and provide us with additional listings.

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