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US-China Clean Truck & Bus Summit, Shanghai Recap

The second annual U.S.-China Clean Truck & Bus Summit was held in Shanghai on October 22-24, 2013. The Summit wrapped up on October 24, 2013 with a visit to a manufacturing facility, Shanghai eDrive. To see more about the event agenda, click here.

Many thanks to the event sponsors for their generous support.

This year's summit was a spectacular success as it provided an unparalleled forum for companies from both countries to form partnerships and grow their businesses. Participants included representatives from large corporations such as Navistar, Eaton, Shanghai EDrive, Sinopec and start-ups such as Lightning Hybrid and Global DPF. In addition, there were leading officials from the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), as well as leading academic institutions such as Tonji and Tsinghua University making presentations and sharing data.

Key takeaways include:

  • The Chinese have significant shale gas potential and are seeing noteworthy growth in natural gas transit buses and trucks. Two U.S. companies, Enovation Controls and Woodward Inc., are providing the engine control systems for most of the heavy-duty natural gas engines sold in China. More than 75% of all heavy-duty natural gas commercial vehicles are in China.
  • The hybrid and electric bus markets are continuing to expand in China and the national government recently provided additional incentives for electric and plug-in hybrid buses in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guandong province. Eaton is partnering with many hybrid bus manufacturers to provide hybrid Powertrains and other components. One Chinese bus manufacturer, Santroll, is seeing 50% improvement in fuel economy in its 4th generation hybrid bus system.
  • The national government is focusing first on getting some of the leading major urban centers, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guandong province to fully implement the ultra low sulfur diesel standard.  This standard is seen as a cost effective enabling technology that will help improve air quality.

For more photos of the event, click here.
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Keynote speech by Qian Minghua, Director
Division of Automotive Industry - MIIT

Audience listens at Summit 2013

Dr An Feng, President Innovation Center for Energy and Technology addresses audience
CALSTART CEO John Boesel addresses crowd

For more images of the US-China Clean Truck & Bus Summit 2013, click here.