Webinar Recording: China Business Opportunities - Exporting to and Doing Business in China

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

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The CALSTART US-China Clean Truck and Bus Forum program held a valuable webinar for US clean truck and bus technology suppliers and manufacturers on May 2, 2013. The audience included players in the medium- and heavy-duty market who want to enhance – or explore – their market strategies in China. Huge opportunities exist for M/HD natural gas and alternative fuel systems, hybrid, electric and advanced efficiency technologies and the Forum is helping make it happen.

CALSTART, in partnership with the US Department of Commerce, operates the US-China Clean Truck and Bus Forum to help US companies export – or increase exports – to China. This webinar provided attendees with information on China’s truck and bus markets and opportunities, and guidance on doing business in China. The Forum is creating links with potential partners in China for clean trucks and buses. Attendees also learned how they can get involved and participate in the Forum and get ready for the US-China Summit 2013 being held October 22-24 in Shanghai. Contact CALSTART at 626/744-5600 for more information.