To take full advantage of the Forum and participate in webinars and events, the Department of Commerce (DOC) requests that US companies fill out a simple “Success Agreement” that will help us track your successes and better target our efforts. Download the Success Agreement.

Participating in the forum and filling out this agreement entails no cost to you as a participant! In essence, all we are asking is that you provide us with periodic updates on your export progress.

Please fill out the agreement and send it back to us before your participation in the next Forum event. Contact Jamie Hall with any questions at


US-China Clean Truck Summit and Bus Forum Workshop at Green Truck Summit 2013 from CALSTART
China clean truck update - market access - summit -10-2-12 webinar slides from CALSTART
US-China Clean Truck & Bus Forum presentation on market access issues, with update on October 30-November 1 Summit in Beijing, China. Presentation by Bill Van Amburg, Kevin Beaty, CALSTART and James Pruitt, US Department of Commerce Brad Hess, US Department of Commerce on October 2, 2012.

For information about the US- China Summit 2013, please contact Susan Romeo
O'Melveny & Meyers LLP
Intellectual property rights and doing business in China  

For further information on Intellectual Property Rights in China:

Our O’Melveny & Myers Shanghai presenter, Wendy Pan can be contacted at +8621 23077031 or
Our US International Trade Administration, US Department of Commerce presenter, Janice Wingo, can be contacted at 202/482-2590 or
Listed below are several other webinars related to doing business in China provided by Janice Wingo of the International Trade Administration, US Department of Commerce. Please feel free to download at your convenience. Download is available until June 30, 2012. Also, if you contact Janice, she can forward you a presentation “How to Protect Yourself from Large Patent Damages and Bad Faith Trademark Filings”

File(s) will be available for download until 30 June 2012:

File: PW8973000.wmv, 10,214.14 KB   [Fingerprint: 9e32d762abc500e4d0a73849774dce26]
File: PW5223765.wmv, 17,186.91 KB   [Fingerprint: 34f7f7de237f6bc23a54d76112a5367d]
File: PW2899974.wmv, 11,382.54 KB   [Fingerprint: 72bb068e969841e0dfce66c453ca9967]

This latest in the CALSTART webinar series, Doing Business Successfully in China, focused on the current commercial landscape and market risks and how to mitigate them. Presenting at this webinar were Kellie Holloway, Project Director for the US Department of Commerce's China Business Information Center and Andrew Gately, Commercial Officer at the US Export Assistance Center in Miami, Florida. Both Ms. Holloway and Mr. Gately have worked in China facilitating the entry of US businesses into the China market and bring a wealth of experience to this webinar forum.

This webinar is the first of a series of CALSTART webinars on doing business in China focusing on CALSTART's US-China Clean Truck and Bus Forum and our Summit in Beijing later this year.