Clean Truck China Participants

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San Diego, CA
Contact: Laurence Fromm, Vice President of Business and Strategy Development;; 858-535-9920 Ext. 210
Achates Power has modernized the opposed-piston diesel engine from improved efficiency, low emissions, and low cost.  The Achates Power engine has 20% lower cycle-average brake specific fuel consumption compared to modern diesel engines.  The company licenses its technology and intellectual property to leading truck, bus, and car companies.

Auburn Hills, MI
Contact: John Thomas, Chairman and CEO;; 248-409-1001
ALTe is the developer of plug in electric and hybrid powertrain systems used to propel commercial vehicles.  The system will be retrofit into existing fleet vehicles as well as used in "glider" applications of new vehicles to dramatically increase their fuel economy and lower emissions.  Designed to replace a base V-8 internal combustion engine powertrain, the system's patented technology improves fuel economy from 75 percent to 200 percent.

BAE Systems Inc.
Endicott, NY
Contact: Michael Reilly, China Chief Representative;; +86 10 6587 6933
BAE Systems HybridDrive hybrid electric drive propulsion system is a leading-edge technology, with a proven record of past performance and excellence in service since 1998.  Our HybridDrive Series powers the world's largest hybrid bus fleet and carries over 3 million passengers every day.  Our systems are installed on more than 2500 buses, have traveled over 500 million miles, prevented over 460,000 tons of CO2 emissions and saved over 30 million gallons of diesel fuel.

Global Headquarters: Galesburg, MI; Asia Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Contact: Rainy Shen, Marketing Communications Manager, Vehicle Group, APAC;; 8621 22307012
Eaton’s Vehicle Group is a global technology leader in truck, bus and automotive drivetrain and powertrain systems for performance, fuel economy and safety with products ranging from engine valves to hybrid drive systems. The group serves automotive and truck businesses with $4.4 billion sales in 2011, and is organized by global regions.

Montreal, Quebec CANADA
Contact: Simon Poulin, Vice President of Sales;; 514-994-6139
Effenco offers hydraulics hybrid systems for CNG and diesel refuse trucks.  Effenco's unique technology, the HEAD system, offers significant savings on fuel and brake maintenance, without any negative impact on daily fleet operations or driving habits.  Effenco's HEAD system: The solution to achieve environmental and economics sustainability.

Northville, MI
Contact: John Ideker, General Manager;; +86 13816112691
Gentherm has developed technology that converts vehicular exhaust gas waste heat to electric power with partner BMW and Ford that is being evaluated in over the road testing.  The technology promises reduction in fuel consumption and emissions and can benefit heavy vehicle customer and is ready for testing in trucks.

Lisle, IL
Contact: Rick Jiang, Marketing Director;; +86 10 65393368

  •     Commercial on-high vehicles and bus
  •     Low emission, high efficiency diesel engine
  •     Clean emission components such as Exhaust gas recirculation valves, intake throttle valves and Robust amplified fuel injection system from PurePOWER Technology, a Navistar's subsidiary

Plymouth, MI
Contact: Dwight Hansell, Vice President;; 734-656-0151
ECUs (Electronic Control Units) for a broad range of programs such as diesel/gasoline engine control, after-treatment control systems, fuel system control on LNG/LPG/CNG vehicles, supervisory control for hybrid/electric vehicles, battery control modules and many more.

Alpharetta, GA
Contact: Thomas Orberger, Business Manager Hybrid Drives;; 678-366-6314
Siemens Industry Inc Hybrid segment provides electric power train solutions for the heavy duty Truck and Bus market, the business segment hybrid is interested to explore the Chinese Truck and Bus market for growth opportunities.

Kansas City, MO
Contact: Tim Weaver, Senior Director;; 816-243-1637
Smith Electric Vehicles manufactures and markets zero-emission commerical electric vehicles that are designed to be a superior-performing alternative to traditional diesel trucks due to higher efficiency and lower total cost of ownership. Smith currently designs, produces and sells two vehicles, the Smith Newton and the Smith Edison, both of which can be configured for multiple applications.

Woodland Park, CO
Contact: Carol A. Sturman, President and Chairman;; 719-686-6001
Sturman Industries has practical, breakthrough engine controls, using digital valves and software to modernize combustion. Digital fuel injectors, fully flexible air control and new combustion cycles enable the use conventional and alternative, liquid or gaseous fuels, with optimum efficiency and clean operation under all conditions, and at an affordable cost.

Hilliard, OH
Contact: Steven J. Funk, President;; 614-771-3533
Vanner offers power conversion and power management technologies for commercial vehicles. Vanner's equalizer allows the use of 12v and 24v electrical systems with one charging source. Vanner can offer a sophisticated battery monitoring technology built into the Equalizer. The company's high voltage DC converter eliminates the alternator from the hybrid bus.