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Linking US and Chinese Companies, Industry and Government to Speed Hybrid, Electric, Natural Gas and Clean Diesel Technologies in Medium-and Heavy-Duty Trucks and Buses

A Partnership with US and Chinese Industry and the US International Trade Administration

China is now the world’s biggest maker and user of medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Commercial vehicles involved in transportation and freight movement, particularly within China's largest cities, represent the bulk of the fuel used in China's domestic transportation market.  To help sustain a robust domestic economy, improve air quality and minimize greenhouse emissions, it is critical to reduce and shift commercial vehicle fuel consumption.

Technologies and fuels that reduce fuel use and emissions– such as natural gas, hybrid, electric and clean diesel– have strong interest in China.  China has an aggressive city and government commitment to deploying cleaner commercial vehicles, a growing regulatory and industry push for advancing technology in these vehicles, and concern about the impact of rising fuel costs on China’s transport. 

Opportunity: U.S. companies have made world-leading advancements in medium- and heavy-duty natural gas, hybrid, electric, and advanced energy and efficiency technologies; there is a strong potential for early component or system exports and for long term partnerships around these core systems and capabilities. The U.S.-China Clean Truck and Bus  Forum was designed to link U.S. companies with these opportunities.

Accelerating Advanced, Clean Commercial Vehicles: CALSTART’s success with HTUF – the High-Efficiency Truck Users Forum –was the spur for the China Clean Truck & Bus Forum.  HTUF is a truck user, industry and public sector partnership that has sped the commercialization of hybrid, electric, and advanced truck and bus technology.

CALSTART is working for a Win-Win: to help grow use of these technologies and fuels in China and support U.S. tech leadership and jobs to develop and support these technologies for export. 

Key to this three year program are the opportunity and partnership Summits.  Our first took place in Beijing in October 2012; our second Summit in Shanghai in October 2013.   The Summits are co-sponsored by Chinese manufacturers and government, together with US transportation technology and clean fuels firms.   Outcomes are:

•    Share information on the state of hybrid, electric, natural gas, and advanced truck and bus technology and its benefits;
•    Highlight the state of the Chinese commercial market and the opportunities for exports;
•    Highlight the capabilities of US companies;
•    Outline the deployments in Chinese cities;
•    Connect Chinese and US policy makers with the commercial vehicle space to encourage market development; and
•    Create partnership opportunities that can lead to US companies working with Chinese partners to address the needs and opportunities identified.

Shanghai Summit/project sponsorship and partner opportunities are available NOW to raise your profile as a leader.
How can you be involved?  Contact Kevin Beaty or Bill Van Amburg at CALSTART at;; 626-744-5600.

US-China Business Opportunity Guide - Executive Summary

The Business Oportunity Guide discusses the China truck market and finds growing export and business opportunities for U.S. manufacturers of clean technology and fuel components, systems and vehicles.  The full publication is available to companies who join the CALSTART US-China Clean Truck and Bus Forum.  Contact Susan Romeo,