About Low-Carbon Fuels

Rapeseed is a crop used in biofuel and biodiesel production.CALSTART and many of its member companies are working with industry stakeholders to grow the market for clean, low-carbon fuels in California. At the third annual Clean, Low-Carbon Fuels Summit, government, industry and other stakeholders solicited input on policies and programs that can help this sector. Discussion focused primarily on the role of California’s clean fuel programs – the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) and the AB 32 cap and trade program – in encouraging innovation and industry growth. Participants agreed that meeting LCFS and clean fuel goals will require a “portfolio approach” that includes contributions from a wide array of fuels. They also agreed that the LCFS is driving investment and innovation today in many areas, though regulatory uncertainty and capital financing challenges still need to be addressed if California wants to meet its goals.

More than 120 people took part in the 3rd Annual Summit, including attendees from over 50 different fuel and vehicle companies and stakeholder organizations.

The 4th Annual Summit is scheduled for February 23, 2016 in Sacramento. Stay tuned for more information.


Contact Ryan Schuchard at CALSTART for more information or to hear about upcoming events.