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These web pages, Low Carbon Buses in Transportation, are intended as an objective source of information on the progress of fuel cell-electric and battery-electric buses and the supporting hydrogen fuel and battery charging infrastructure in transportation as important pieces of the cleaner transportation puzzle. Environmental policies throughout the nation are driving transit properties and other bus fleets to evaluate and deploy zero and ultra-low emission bus technologies. CALSTART, with support from the Federal Transit Administration, the California Energy Commission and CALSTART member companies are working to commercialize the latest technologies with suppliers and to deploy and collect data on pilot and pre-production zero and low ultra-low emission buses, and related infrastructure.

Under Federal Transit Administration (FTA) project awards, CALSTART is playing a vital role
•    in the mainstreaming of hydrogen and fuel cell buses in the United States for the FTA National Fuel Cell Bus Program (NFCBP).
•    Collecting on -road data for fuel economy and emission for hybrid and zero emission buses
•    And developing advanced battery bus technologies

CALSTART, with the support of  California Energy Commission, is also demonstrating both full-sized and shuttle-sized fuel cell and battery buses for both transit and non-transit applications in California.
Additionally, with the support of its member companies and other key industry stakeholders, the CALSTART team is leading a Zero Emission Bus Coalition with a goal of assuring the availability of MAP-21 Deployment, Research and Demonstration funding.

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