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Folding Bike Implementation Plan

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, April 2011, Prepared by CALSTART
The Folding Bike Implementation Plan seeks to expand the “bike-transit” option for commuters searching for added flexibility, convenience and access to transit systems. It also aims to assist commuters who would like to avoid some of the obstacles of wanting to board a train when it may be too crowded or waiting for a bus with available bike rack space. It is important to assert at the outset that the Plan’s intent is not to undermine predominant bike-transit policies and facilities such as bike parking at stations and bikes on board transit vehicles. Rather, all of these options - folding bicycles, bike parking and “bikes on board” - are part of the tool box to optimize the bike-transit experience.

Folding Bike Implementation Plan



First Mile: A CALSTART Program

First Mile Compendium

CALSTART created the compendium as a guide for city planners and elected officials to help them understand some of the tools that exist in their alternative transportation scenarios.  The compendium inventories some of the leading transportation demand management (TDM) strategies in use around the world.  The document will help planners and politicians facilitate the reduction of vehicle-miles traveled (VMT) by their constituencies.  It also attempts to compile the economic and greenhouse gas benefits of each strategy to act as a one-stop shopping guide on the subject. Click the link for the final version of the compendium.

Compendium of Sustainable Community Transportation Strategies



MyGo-Pasadena Final Report

This Final Report on the MyGo-Pasadena program is a critical component of CALSTART's “Transportation Toolbox” concept and was developed with the knowledge and assistance of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). The intent of this document is to provide an overview of the program and disseminate the results of this demonstration. The primary goal of the MyGo-Pasadena program, and indeed the First Mile program, is to integrate a new class of Local-use Electric Vehicles with public transit to enhance ridership. The secondary objective of the First Mile program is to work towards coupling various alternative transportation offerings into convenient intelligent multi-modal transportation systems that promote smart growth, mobility substitution, improved pedestrian and bicycle amenities, carsharing, and transit to reduce the need for automobile ownership and dependence.

MyGo-Pasadena Final Report 

Maximizing Mobility in Los Angeles – First & Last Mile Strategies Final Report Authored by NelsonNygaard Consulting Associates in association with Alta Consulting, CALSTART, Intrago Mobility Service


Maximizing Mobility in Los Angeles – First & Last Mile Strategies Final Report

Authored by Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates
in association with Alta Consulting, CALSTART, and Intrago Mobility Service

This study aims to identify cost-effective strategies to increase transit use and reduce automobile trips in the City of Los Angeles.  The study focuses on strategies that help to enhance overall mobility and solve what are known as “first mile/last mile” barriers for commuters who could potentially take transit but whose starting point or final destination cannot be conveniently accessed from the nearest transit stop/station due to distance, terrain (hills, street patterns), or real or perceived safety issues (traffic, crime).

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