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California’s Route 66 to Clean and Efficient Trucks
Navigating Three Key Pathways to
Meet California’s Clean Air Goals

The California High Efficiency and Advanced Truck Research Center (CalHEAT) and its stakeholders have completed the Truck Market and Technology Transformation Roadmap. This in-depth action plan and roadmap for clean truck technologies and commercialization strategies outlines sixty-six steps incorporated under three key pathways to clean and efficient trucks – electrification, efficient drivelines, and near zero emission trucks. The report specifically addresses Classes 2b-8.  Please visit CalHEAT "News and Events" to read about the results of the CalHEAT Forum 2013.

About California Hybrid, Efficient and Advanced Truck (CalHEAT) Research Center

The California Hybrid, Efficient and Advanced Truck (CalHEAT) Research Center, sponsored by the California Energy Commission, is a California-based resource for research, development, demonstration and commercialization of advanced, efficient truck technologies and systems. The CalHEAT Research Center established partnerships of diverse stakeholder groups to develop overall research and a market transformation plan and is working to facilitate that plan's implementation.

Medium- and heavy-duty vehicles are critical to the economy, yet remain a real and growing energy and carbon challenge as yet insufficiently addressed. This segment accounts for a significant portion of petroleum use state and nationwide, and particularly on a per-platform basis, due to high per-vehicle fuel use.

Medium- and heavy-duty on-road truck traffic serving urban and goods movement needs combined with heavy-duty off-road vehicle use at distribution centers and ports, contribute significantly to fuel use, poor regional air quality, and are a sizable source of greenhouse gas emissions.

The purpose of CalHEAT is to develop a guide for research and development of hybrid and efficient advanced truck technologies and systems to better understand the status, existing gaps, and their in-use performance as well as implement a market transformation plan to better understand the market barriers to widespread commercialization. 

Until now, there has not been extensive research conducted to develop a comprehensive study of the many hybrid and efficient advanced clean truck technologies and systems that are in the market or are close to commercialization and an understanding of the gaps which require further research. Nor has anybody conducted a practical market study showing what is needed to commercialize these truck technologies and systems and where the market needs exist for them. This has made it difficult for manufacturers and suppliers to focus limited time and resources on research, development and commercialization of promising technologies and systems. It also makes it difficult for states like California to make intelligent choices and provide sufficient funding of these technologies as states attempt to reduce petroleum use and emissions from vehicles using cleaner technologies and systems.

The CalHEAT Research Center has completed the following activities:
  • Developed a roadmap* for research and market transformation for activities through 2020. This effort supports California’s goals of reducing petroleum, emissions and carbon in medium and heavy duty trucks. The roadmap consists of actionable steps involving a variety of technologies such as more efficient drive trains and hybrids, engine downsizing, more efficient auxiliary systems and other technologies that lead to commercialization. CalHEAT Roadmap Final Draft (Rev 7)*
    *As of 2014, this document is under review by the California Energy Commission. Please check back often for final publication or contact Fred Silver, Program Director, with questions.
  • Demonstrated the use of a high efficiency advanced technology Class 8 truck in real-world applications such as regional delivery or port drayage. CalHEAT also demonstrated an electric plug-in parcel delivery truck, analyzed its performance and infrastructure requirements, as well as evaluated long- and short-term grid requirements.
  • In addition, CalHEAT performed a Market Barrier Analysis on the combination of alternative fuels and high efficiency hybrid technologies.
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This project funded by the California Energy Commission and implemented by CALSTART.
CalHEAT held a second successful annual forum in Stockton California on February 22, 2012. At the event, the CalHEAT Draft Market Transformation Roadmap was unveiled, with a stellar line-up of session speakers lending context to the report's recommendations. If you missed it, or need a refresher, check out the presentations here. Download a factsheet about the Roadmap here. Check out the CalHEAT 2012 Forum Agenda.



Presentations from the CalHEAT 2012 Forum are now online. Please click here to log in and see the slides. Attendees received log in information. If you missed the event or have forgotten your log in information, please contact Susan Romeo at 626/744-5600 for details.