The clean transportation technology industry is doing great things for California’s economy by creating a large and growing number of jobs, expanding the base of investments and revenues, and providing important resources to disadvantaged communities.

The industry is making the air healthier in communities that need it most, including in the South Coast, the San Joaquin Valley, and Silicon Valley, and while playing an instrumental role in meeting the state’s ambitious climate change goals.

California now possesses a diverse business network of vehicle manufactures, fuel producers, component suppliers, and service providers that are the foundation of an advanced transportation sector in the state and beyond.

If California stays on track, we can expect to see major advances over the next ten to fifteen years, with vehicle and fuel technologies which are new today to rapidly expand, becoming widely cost-competitive, and attain mass-market status.

However, while the industry has made strides, as of spring 2016, it is still only in its infancy, and in order for the sector to achieve the state’s ambitious goals, significant additional commitment and support from the government will be necessary.

California Policy Brief
The forthcoming, “California’s Clean Transportation Industry: Time to Shift into High Gear” shows how and why California policymakers should strengthen their resolve to transform the clean transportation sector in line with deep greenhouse gas and air pollution reductions. It also considers what challenges the climate transportation industry is facing, and outlines what more it can achieve if policymakers “shift into high gear” by putting even stronger and more committed polices into place.

For more information, contact Ryan Schuchard, Policy Director.