MayMay 11, 2017  


The Honorable Jerry Brown
Governor of California
State Capitol, Suite 1173 Sacramento, CA, 95814

The Honorable Kevin De León Senate President Pro Tempore
California State Senate, Room 205, Sacramento, CA 95814

The Honorable Anthony Rendon
Assembly Speaker
California State Assembly, Room 219, Sacramento, CA 95814

Re: California Vehicle Fleet Operators, Vehicle Manufacturers, and Fuel Producers Continue to Support the Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Dear Governor Brown, Senate President Pro Tem De León, and Speaker Rendon,

We, the 155 undersigned vehicle fleet operators, vehicle manufacturers, fuel producers, and industry groups, thank you for your commitment to cleaner air and greenhouse gas reduction in California, and we applaud your leadership in passing the historic climate law, SB 32. Now, as the California Air Resources Board works to implement SB 32 through the scoping plan, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) remains critical.

We strongly support the LCFS, which will reduce the carbon intensity of California’s transportation fuels ten percent by 2020, and even more by 2030.The LCFS gives us the incentives we need to invest in early-commercial vehicle and fuel technologies today in order to bring down the costs for all Californians in the future.

Transit agencies rely on the LCFS to reduce the cost of ownership for zero- and near-zero emissions buses, which are in full service today, but still cost a premium. The LCFS has played a key role in transitioning California’s transit fleets to deploy both zero-and near-zero emission buses using renewables, most of which are running in disadvantaged communities. With the LCFS, California could deploy thousands of zero-and near zero emission buses by 2020 powered by renewable fuels, marking a significant transition to cleaner, lower carbon transit.

Nearly every biofuel or renewable natural gas operation in California depends on the LCFS to secure financing that is needed to build and operate their facilities. To date, the LCFS has supported the development of over 20 low-carbon fuel plants throughout the state, and more are being proposed as a result of the policy. The alternative fuels market, supported by the LCFS, has generated over $650 million of investment in California.

The LCFS also supports California’s clean car, bus, and truck manufacturing industry. With over ten zero-emission and near-zero-emission vehicle manufacturing facilities in the state and more than 25,000 workers employed to build these vehicles and related components, the LCFS has played a key role in making California a center of production for cutting-edge vehicles for export.

The LCFS is needed to ensure that California fulfills its statutorily-mandated greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. But as our experiences show, the LCFS is foremost an economic development engine. The LCFS promotes competition by rewarding all technologies that deliver low-carbon energy for transportation, and the policy is creating innovation for California across a range of industries, including biodiesel, biomethane, dimethyl ether, ethanol, hydrogen, next generation biofuels, renewable natural gas, and vehicle electrification.

The LCFS will remain a critical policy tool to drive California’s transition to clean, low-carbon fuel and vehicle technologies in the future.


Michael Hursh, AC Transit

Bob Gaffney, Advanced Emission Control Solutions

Larry Brennan, Advanced Vehicle Manufacturing

Eric A.McAfee, Aemetis

Steve McCorkle, Ag Waste Solutions

Bryan Sherbacow, Alt Air Fuels

Dan Goodwin, American Power Group

Grant Zimmerman, amp CNG

John Melo, Amyris

Diane Kotler,Anaheim Resort Transportation

Len Engel, Antelope Valley Transit Authority

Matt Morrissette, Applied LNG

Ronald Cardwell, Archer Daniels Midland

Marty Michell, Athens Services

Jason Gies, Axle Tech

Steve Trichka, BAE Systems

Doug Smith, Baker Commodities

Nicolas Pocard, Ballard Power Systems

Russ Teall, Biodico Sustainable Refineries

Mark Terry, Biorem

Peter Drasher, Black Bear Environmental Assets

Macy Neshati, BYD

Kevin Weiss, Byogy

Neil Black, CalBio

Lyle J. Schlyer, Calgren Renewable Fuels

Evan Williams, Cambrian Energy

Jude Mariea, Center Point Energy Services

Pasquale Romano, ChargePoint

Peter Murray, Chart Inc

Todd Campbell, Clean Energy

Enid Joffe, Clean Fuel Connection

Peter Weisbrg, The Climate Trust

Jason France, ClipperCreek

John McKinney, Columbia Biogas

Lisa Mortenson, Community Fuels

Ryne Shetterly, Complete Coach Works

George Pappagelis, Cosmodyne

Paul Relis, CR&R

Harry Simpson, Crimson Renewable Energy

Justin Webb, Daylight Transport

Anders B. Eklov, Ebus

Jean-Baptiste Gallo, Efficient Drivetrains Inc

Valery Miftakhov, Electric Motor Werks

Angela Schwartz, Element Markets

Joe Gershen, Encore BioRenewables

Jordan Ramer, EV Connect

Terry O'Day, EVgo

Shane Stephens, First Element Fuel

Brett Gipe, First Priority GreenFleet

Doran J. Barnes, Foothill Transit

Jess Leader, FreeWire Technologies

Mike Levin, FuelCell Energy

Ted Kniesche, Fulcrum Bioenergy

Bill Lyons, Mitsubushi FUSO

Rick Costigliolo, Galileo Technologies

Patrick Gruber, Gevo

Dave Hazlebeck, Global Algae Innovations

Terry Pinney, Golden Gate Petroleum

Erica Reiner, Green Commuter

Sosi Bardakjian, Greenkraft

Thomas Ashley, Greenlots

Brendan Riley, GreenPower Motor, Inc.

Ernie Crespo, GTrans (City of Gardena)

Jose Lopez-Gallego, H2B2

Kay Kimberly Siegel, H2Safe

Glenn Ellis, Hino Trucks

Andre J. Champagne, Hollywood Trucks

James Rekoske, Honeywell UOP

Rakesh Koneru, Hummingbird EV

Rob Del Core, Hydrogenics Corporation

Curtis Wright, Imperial Western Products

Stephen Jones, ITM Power Inc.

Jennifer Holmgren, LanzaTech

Bill Cashmareck, Love's Travel Stops

Daryl Maas, Maas Energy

John Benemann, MicroBio Engineering Inc.

Andrew Daga, Momentum Dynamics

Hunter Harvath, Monterey-Salinas Transit

Urvi Nagrani, Motiv Power Systems

Dayne Delahoussaye, Neste

Paul Smith,New Flyer Industries

Jennifer Case, New Leaf Biofuel

Patrick W. O'Keefe, NEXGEN Fuel

John Reed, North American Repower

Michael Burns, Novozymes North America

Robert DuBois, NuFuels

Gus Block, Nuvera

Rebecca Boudreaux, Oberon Fuels

Matt Jarmuz, Odyne

Mike Saxton, Orange EV

Neil Koehler, Pacific Ethanol

Aaron Johnson, Pacific Gas & Electric

Mike Lewis, Pearson Fuels

Mike O'Connell, PepsiCo*

Tarek Helou, Phoenix Motorcars

Ram Mohan, Planet Hydrogen

Rob Elam, Propel Fuels

Kent Leacock, Proterra

Natalie Cookson, Quantitative BioSciences

Sean Moen, Refuel Energy Partners

Craig Frear, Regenis

Scott Hedderich, Renewable Energy Group

Arlen Orchard, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Henry Li, Sacramento Regional Transit District

Lisa McGhee, San Diego Airport Parking Co.

John Sowers, San Diego Gas & Electric

Sharon Cooney, San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

Donna DeMartino CEO, San Joaquin Regional Transit District

Jeannie Bruins, Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

Tyson Keever, SeQuential Biofuels

Leah O'Dwyer, Siemens

Michael G. Hart, Sierra Energy

Caroline Choi, Southern California Edison

George Minter, Southern California Gas Company

Michael Webster, Southern California Public Power Authority

Wayne Simmons, Sundrop Fuels

Lauren Skiver, Sunline Transit Agency

Virginia Klausmeier, Sylvatex

Brett Maclean, Targray

Ken Morgan, Tesla Motors

Dakota Semler, Thor Trucks

Jamie Rhodes, Trestle Energy

Bill Zobel, Trillium

Bruce Melgar, UrbanX Renewables Group

Abas Goodarzi, US Hybrid

Philipp Stratmann, Velocys

Tom Vessels, Vessels Coal Gas

Paul Pabor, Waste Management

Robert Brown, Western States Oil

Karen Hamberg, Westport Fuel Systems

Bryan Tracy, White Dog Labs

Dan Zito, Workhorse

Edward Lovelace, XL Hybrids

Dick Wittington, Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System

Christine Smith, Zenith Motors

Tedd Abramson, Zero Truck*

Mario Cifuentez, Visalia Transit

Michael McAdams, Advanced Biofuels Association

Michael Boccadoro, Agricultural Energy Consumers Association

Matt Carr, Algae Biomass Organization

Julia Levin, Bioenergy Association of California*

Stephanie Batchelor, Biotechnology Innovation Organization

Eileen Tutt, CalETC

Greg Kester, California Association of Sanitation Agencies

Celia Dubose, California Biodiesel Alliance

Jeff Serfass, California Hydrogen Business Council

Thomas Lawson, California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition

John Boesel, CALSTART

Carol Lee Rawn, Ceres

Johannes Escudero, Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

Mary Solecki, Environmental Entrepreneurs

Graham Noyes, Low Carbon Fuels Coalition

Shelby Neal, National Biodiesel Board

Joel Levin, Plug In America

Ryan Dillon, Repowered NGV Alliance

Mike Mielke, Silicon Valley Leadership Group

Katherine DiMatteo, Sustainable Food Trade Association

Paul Sousa, Western United Dairymen

cc: The Honorable Members of the California State Senate
The Honorable Members of the California State Assembly
Mary Nichols, Chairman, California Air Resources Board
California Air Resources Board Members 

 *Added after May 11. 


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