Press Release: New Pasadena “Folding Bike” Program Makes Using Transit Much More Convenient

Monday, November 19, 2012

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New Pasadena “Folding Bike” Program Makes Using Transit Much More Convenient

Big Discounts on Folding Bikes for Transit Commuters

Pasadena, CA – A new program has been launched here aimed at taking advantage of advances in “folding bike” technology to make transit much more convenient and time efficient. The group managing the program is hoping the Pasadena project will become a model to boost transit ridership throughout the region.

“Everyone hates traffic congestion, but many won’t use transit because their home or office is too far from a transit station. Folding bikes are a great solution for many. With advances in product design, lightweight folding bikes can be easily carried onto a train or bus and unpacked in less than a minute. These bikes then make it super easy for people to get to and from most transit stations,” said Whitney Pitkanen, Director of the new program, FoldNGo Pasadena.

FoldNGo Pasadena ( administered by CALSTART, was launched in October to encourage Pasadena commuters to use folding bikes for short commutes to their neighborhood public transit stations. To qualify for the program, commuters must live, work, or study at a college in Pasadena and pledge to use their folding bike for at least two days per week to commute to or from a bus or Metro station. Funding for the FoldNGo program is provided by Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority TDM Multi- Mobility Program under the Call for Projects and the City of Pasadena.

"We are excited about the FoldNGo program because it supports the City's efforts to make commuting on the bus or the Metro Gold Line more convenient,” said Mark Yamarone,
City of Pasadena, Department of Transportation.

Eligible riders apply online at, commit to connecting to transit twice a week with their new bike, and redeem their voucher for $220 off the purchase of a Dahon folding bicycle from exclusive local retailer, Incycle.  A folding bike can easily and quickly be folded into a carrying package for storage under bus or train seats, and can fit into a locker or under a desk at work.

“With gas prices on what feels like an endless rollercoaster ride, a FoldNGo member could save as much as $750/month by shifting to this new travel option,” said Pitkanen.

“This is yet another way of getting people out of their cars, staying healthy and onto public transportation,” said Rufina Juarez, Metro TDM Modal lead.

The FoldNGo program is off to a fast start. In the first month of operation, more than 162 participants have signed up to receive a discounted folding bike under the program. The program has funding for a total of 600 bikes. To learn more about the program, prospective participants should visit:

Pasadena City College (PCC) and Cal Tech, two major employers in the city, are working with CALSTART to promote the program. Both students and employees of the educational institutions are expressing a high level of interest in the program.  PCC is offering an additional discount on the bikes to its students who sign up for the program.  

“FoldNGo is going to make a real difference in people’s lives. I can't say enough about the joy I felt riding around on the first bicycle I've ever owned. I look forward to encouraging as many PCC students as I can to take advantage of the FoldNGo program,” said the first FoldNGo rider, Juan Diego Ashton, Vice President for Sustainability, Associated Students of PPC.

Headquartered in Pasadena, CALSTART is a non-profit organization that works nationally to foster the rapid growth of the clean transportation technology industry. The organization supports industry growth by providing valuable information and analysis, fostering strategic partnerships, supporting smart public policies, and managing high-impact technology commercialization programs.  CALSTART also works with local governments and entrepreneurs on innovative mobility systems.  For more information visit