CALSTART Press Releases 2018

  • Global Leaders Pledge to Fast-track Adoption of Clean Trucks and Buses
    San Francisco, CA – Today, governments and companies from around the globe signed on to a new program that will accelerate the deployment of zero and near-zero emission commercial vehicles and technologies. The “Global Commercial Vehicle Drive to Zero” pledge is a coordinated, international effort – championed by CALSTART, a non-profit industry organization with more than 190-member companies – aimed at dramatically reducing emissions from trucks and buses in high-potential markets.  
  • Pasadena Launches New Program to Engage Employers & Lead the Electric Car Movement
    Pasadena, CA – To fight smog and climate change, the City of Pasadena, incoordination with CALSTART, announced a new program today aimed expanding theuse of electric cars by recruiting a new major ally – employers. With fundingfrom Metro, the City of Pasadena rolled out a new program today that is aimedat getting more employees to drive electric cars and more employers to installchargers at the workplace.
  • 60 Companies and Organizations Want Governor Brown to Sign Bill Allowing Big Rigs Powered by Clean Fuels
    Pasadena, CA – Sixty companies have joined forces and are urging California Governor Brown to sign a bill that will encourage more big rigs powered by clean fuels to operate on California highways and roads.  Assembly Bill 2061 (D-Frazier) will speed the improvement of air quality in disadvantaged communities that are often heavily impacted by polluting diesel trucks weight limit by a small percentage. 
  • Freezing Car Efficiency Standards Undermines US Auto Supplier Jobs
    Pasadena, CA - In response to the Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration's release of a draft rule to roll back vehicle fuel economy and emissions standards John Boesel, President and CEO of CALSTART - an industry group with over 190 member companies, issued the following statement:
  • Brooklyn, NY – CALSTART, a nationwide clean transportation technology industry organization, announced today that it has hired Ben Mandel as its new Northeast Regional Director. Prior to joining CALSTART, Mandel served as the Senior Policy Advisor for Energy Regulatory Affairs in the New York City Mayor’s Office of Sustainability. 
  • CALSTART Opens Midwest Office and Hires Director from Automotive Industry
    Troy, MI – CALSTART, a national organization focused on growing the clean transportation technology industry announced today that it is opening an office in Troy, Michigan. The non-profit organization with more than 190 members companies wants to help suppliers and manufacturers in the Midwest be leaders in the global clean transportation technology industry.
  • CALSTART Announces Nation’s First Commercial Electric Aircraft Project
    Fresno, CA – CALSTART, in partnership with the cities of Reedley and Mendota, today are launching the Sustainable Aviation Project; the nation’s first production all-electric aircraft project designed to develop pilot training opportunities using zero emission electric airplanes. Funding for the project was provided by the Fresno County Measure C through the Fresno County Rural Transportation Authority.

  • Industry Group Responds to EPA Plan to Weaken Car Standards
    Pasadena, CA - In response to the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator’s announcement today that the current 2025 federal light-duty vehicle standards need to be weakened, John Boesel, President and CEO of CALSTART – a national industry group with over 185 members, issued the following statement:
  • New Survey Shows Automotive Suppliers Strongly Back Federal Fuel Economy Standards
    PASADENA, Calif. - Major automotive suppliers see current national fuel economy standards as a boon for company job growth and industry investment and don’t want to see them altered by policymakers.That’s according to an annual survey commissioned by CALSTART, an automotive technology industry group.

  • New Long Range Zero Emission Bus Unveiled at Pioneering Transit Property
    Coachella Valley, CA – SunLine Transit Agency put into service today a new zero emission bus that will have the capability to cover any route in its service territory – even with the air conditioner operating at maximum levels in the middle of the summer.

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