November 2015

September 2015

August 2015

AC Transit  - AC Transit Fuel-Cell Bus Exceeds 20k Hours of Service

July 2015

June 2015

May 2015

April 2015

NAFA Fleet Management Association - NAFA Pioneering Fleet Sustainability Program

Plug Power, BYD, Proterra Inc - Electric Buses Vs. Fuel Cell Buses: Plug Power Has A Stake In The Winner

FedEx - Congressman Cohen Test Drives Zero Emission Hydrogen Tractors

Proterra Inc , BYD - Metro Transit to Test Drive Electric Buses

Proterra Inc - CEC Awards $3 Million to Proterra, Area Development

General Motors, Toyota, Ford - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars Return for Another Run

Efficient Drivetrains Inc - EDI Announces PHEV SUV for Asian Market

Tesla Motors - Electric Car Batteries Just Hit a Key Price Point

Southern California Gas Company - Natural Gas Trucking Workshops

Proterra Inc, XL Hybrids - Electric bus maker Proterra building second plant in California

Tesla Motors - Tesla Boosts Range on Base Model S

UPS, Kenworth, Morgan Olson - 1,400 CNG Trucks for UPS, 15 CNG Stations

Transpower - TransPower announces heavy-duty electric vehicle achievements 

Peterbilt - Raven Transport Adding 115 More LNG Trucks  

Cummins, Westport, Kenworth - The Latest in OE Natural Gas Offerings 

Achates Power - Achates Power Awarded $14 Million

Hydrogenics - Hydrogenics Awarded $4.4 Million

March 2015

Tesla Motors - Tesla to Unveil Update on Model S

BYD Motors, Foothill Transit, Proterra - Tesla for the Masses: Electric, Fuel Cell Buses Take Off

Hino Trucks USA - Hybrid Trucks Remain a Vital Part of Fleets’ Green Solutions

NRG - NRG eVgo Launches Program to Help Renters Charge EVs

Tesla Motors - Tesla Awards and Accolades, A Look Back

Wrightspeed - Tesla Co-Founder Says its Electric Trucks, Not Electric Cars, That Matter

Ford Motor Co., Motiv Power Systems - Frankenstein Electric Trucks With Ford F59 Chassis

UQM Technologies, Ballard Power Systems - UQM Receives PO for Fuel Cell Compressor from Ballard

Oberon Fuels, Volvo Trucks - California Approves DME for Use as Vehicle Fuel

Florida Power & Light - FPL Presenting First-Ever EV Race in the US



 February 2015

February 2015

 SARTA - SARTA Lands Federal Grant for Pollution-free Buses

UQM Technologies - UQM Technologies Enters Agreement for Converted Electric Trucks

PG&E - PG&E Seeks $654 Million to Build 25,000 EV Charging Stations

Lightning Hybrids - Lightning Hybrids’ Hydraulic-Hybrid System Patented

California Should Stay on Track With Standard on Cleaner Fuels, The Sacramento Bee

CALSTART Event Covers Gasoline Prices and Key Policies

January 2015

VIA Motors - VIA Motors Electric Pick-Up Truck Enters Production

Zenith Motors - Drive Clean Chicago

NRG - NRG eVgo Expanding National Fast Charging Network

ChargePoint - KCP&L to Install 1,001 EV Chargers

General Motors - Sustainability Provides Competitive Edge, GM Dealers Say

NAFA - NAFA Announces Program for 2015 I&E

Tesla Motors - Man Lists His Tesla Model S as an $85-a-night Airbnb Room

General Motors, Ford Motor Co., Toyota - Eight Vehicles That Bend the Rules at the Detroit Auto Show

General Motors - 2016 Chevy Volt is Leaner, Greener

Tesla Motors - Tesla’s Elon Musk Urges Industry to Embrace EVs

Odyne - Odyne Enhances System Engineering Focus

VIA Motors - VIA Motors Delivering Hybrid Fleet Trucks

New Flyer Industries - New Flyer Racks Up Orders for Loads of CNG and Hybrid Buses

Proterra - Louisville Trolleys Replaced With Zero-Emission Vehicles

Plug Power, Southern Company - Plug Power’s New Deals and 2015 Revenue Goals

Toyota Motor Company, Tesla Motors - Toyota Follows Tesla, Makes Hydrogen Patents Open Source

General Motors - GM and Tula to Improve Engine Efficiency

Parker Hannifin - City of Loveland Expects Big Savings With Hydraulic Hybrid Garbage Trucks

REG - REG Provides Biodiesel Blends for 78 Buses in Ames, Iowa

November 2014

Quantum Fuel Systems - Quantum Fuel Systems Enters Agreement with Fisker

Plug Power - Plug Power Supplies Fuel Cells for California Food Distributor

Green Tech Automotive - Green Tech Automotive Opens EV Production Plant in Mississippi

WAVE - University of Utah Bus Runs on Electric Charge, The Salt Lake Tribune

New Flyer Industries, Siemens - All Electric Demo Buses in Service in Chicago

Tesla Motors - Tesla Motors Inc.’s Secret Growth Weapon

October 2014

Kenworth - Kenworth to transport US Capitol Christmas Tree

General Motors - 2016 Chevy Volt promises more battery range, power

Efficient Drivetrain, Inc - Greenkraft, EDI Attain CEC Grant for CNG-Hybrid Class 4 Vehicle 

ChargePoint - ChargePoint Now Accepts PayPal

Tesla Motors - Elon Musk: Wall Street Journal article is incorrect

Proterra Inc - Governor Patrick Applauds Worcester Bus Fleet for Going Electric

XL Hybrids, Coca-Cola Refreshments - XL Hybrids Reaches Hybrid-Electric System Milestone

EVI, Transportation Power Inc - Electric Trucks Still Generate a Spark of Interest
Wrightspeed - Why This Tesla Motors Co-founder Loves Electric Garbage Trucks 

New Flyer Industries, Ballard Power, Siemens - Battery/Fuel Cell Zero-Emission Bus a North American First

Ballard Power, Plug Power - Ballard, Plug Power Sign Fuel Cell Supply Agreement

Cummins - Cummins Showcases Extensive Engine Lineup at APTA

BYD Motors - You Wait Years for a Battery Powered Bus and Now There are Two

XL Hybrids - California ARB Clears XL Hybrids for Hybrid Van Conversions

Tesla Motors - Watch Tesla Unveil Model S D Trim

General Motors - Camouflaging The 2016 Chevy Volt

Toyota Motor Company - Toyota’s New Hydrogen Car: An Exclusive Inside Look at This Amazing Technology

GreenTech Automotive - GreenTech Automotive raises $47 million in equity offering

Plug Power - Plug Power expects to boost revenue with new financing package deal

September 2014

Southern California Edison - SCE Bets Big on Lithium Ion for the Nation’s Largest Energy Storage Project

Westport Innovations - Westport Has a New NG Technology for OEMs

ChargePoint - ChargePoint Shows Increase in Campus EV Charging

Green Tech Auto - Green Tech Auto Restarting Production Later This Year

Proterra - Toshiba to Provide Fast-Charging Batteries for Proterra

Tesla Motors - Elon Musk-Vanity Fair’s Number One Disrupter

General Motors - Honda, Chevrolet Give Natural Gas Push

Motiv Power Systems - Motiv Delivers First Electric Garbage Truck to Chicago

Ford Motor Co, Chrysler Group, LLC - U.S. Auto Sales Strong, Led by Ford, Chrysler

Tesla Motors - China May Throw $16B Behind EV Growth & Infrastructure

ChargePoint - California Giving EV Owners Right to Install Charging Stations

Oberon Fuels - Oberon DME Receives First Biogas Approval Under the RFS

August 2014

General Motors - GM Brings Bike Sharing to Technical Center

Volvo Group - Volvo Buses Introducing Hybrid-Electric Transit Bus

Proterra - Seattle Deal Could Lead to Proterra Expansion

General Motors, Toyota Motor Corp - New Era in Safety When Cars Talk to One Another

Motiv Power - Four Motiv e-Buses as Google Shuttles

ADOMANI - Adomani EV School Bus Approved for Use in California

General Motors - GM to Revamp Volt Marketing Efforts

UPS - Cargo Bikes, Built For the Short Haul

Kenworth - Kenworth Continues to Expand Its Heavy-Duty NG Portfolio

Volvo Group - Volvo Trucks Introduces New Monofuel NG Version of FE

Ballard Power, Stark Area Rapid Transit District (SARTA) - Ohio to Test Fuel Cells for Public Transit

Tesla Motors - California May Waive Environmental Rules for Tesla Battery Factory

Toyota Motor Co - Bullish Toyota Admits Hydrogen Won’t be Cheap

BYD - BYD Electric Bus Logs 746 Miles in 24h Period

Achetes Power - In Era of Giant Suppliers, Startups are Winning Auto Business

Siemens Industry, Inc., The Volvo Group - Truck Electrification Systems To Be Tested at Ports

General Motors - Chevy Volt Is Insurance Group’s Top Safety Pick

UQM Technologies - UQM Technologies Broadens European Customer Base

Time Warner Cable - Time Warner Cable Fleet Joins Clean Cities Program

UPS - UPS Sets 20% Carbon Emission Reduction Goal

July 2014

Motiv Power Systems - Motiv Power Systems Gains Funding

Quantum - Quantum Announces Expanding Orders

Westport Innovations, Inc, Ford Motor Co - Westport Expands 2015 CNG Lineup

Trillium - Trillium CNG Opens Latest NG Fueling Station

NRG evGo - NRG eVgo Partners with BMW on Fast Charge Network

General Motors - Cadillac ELR to Get Plugless Wireless Charging Tech

Tesla Motors - Stephen Colbert Interviews Elon Musk, The Colbert Report

BYD - BYD Building Factory in Brazil

Tesla Motors - Tesla Motors Officially Confirms Model 3 EVs Will Go on Sale in 2017

General Motors - 2015 Chevrolet Volt: Bigger Battery, But 38-Mile Electric Range Remains

Alameda County -  Bay Area Governments Make Big EV Buy, The Washington Post

Volvo - Volvo’s High-End Performance Plug-In Hybrid

Toyota Motor Co - Japan Automakers Lead Fuel Cell Drive

Sandia National Laboratories - California Can Broaden Hydrogen Network

June 2014

Chrysler - Chrysler says its 8-speed transmissions will save 700 million gallons

Lightning Hybrids - Lightning Hybrids Releases Initial Emissions Results for Medium-Duty Hybrids

Parker Hannifin - CNG, LNG Transportation Fuel Markets Get Boost

A123 Systems - A123 Systems buys battery tech as it mulls cars

US Hybrid - US Hybrid awarded contract to deliver plug-in fuel cell shuttle bus to Hawaii County Mass Transit Agency

General Motors, Toyota - Electric vehicle sales rise in May

Toyota - Japanese automakers kick in $800k for new charging-station company

Tesla Motors - Can Calif. rule in energy storage?

Ford Motor Co. - Ford future technology unveiled in Lightweight Concept

May 2014

Daimler Trucks/Freightliner - Integrated Powertrain Debuts from Detroit

American Lung Association in California - Forget saving the planet, driving an electric car will save your life

US. Renewable Energy Group (REG) - REG to acquire Tyson Foods’ ownership share of Dynamic Fuels

XL Hybrid - In for the Long Haul

Via Motors - VIA Motors acquires electric vehicle design startup Prodigy Engineering

April 2014

Ballard - Ballard Fuel Cells Powering Zero Emission Bus Fleet

Lightning Hybrids - Hydraulic Hybrid System Offered For Buses

BYD - Rio Begins Real World Test of All-Electric BYD Bus

March 2014

New Flyer - Texas’ Sun Metro adds 22 New Flyer buses to fleet

Ford Motor Co., XL Hybrid - Ford E-Series Vans Get XL Hybrid Powertrain

Westport - Webinar: Building Your Light Duty Natural Gas Vehicle Fleet

Freightliner, UPS - UPS Expands Alternative-Fuel Fleet 32% With 1,000 Propane Truck

Chargepoint - The Elysian in Los Angeles: first apartment building in the nation to provide free EV charging for tenants

Emerald Automotive - Emerald Automotive Acquired by Chinese Auto Giant

February 2014

Tesla - Tesla's Gigafactory: This Changes Everything for Solar Startups

Toyota - Most Popular Car Line In California? The Toyota Prius Hybrid--Again

Volvo Trucks - DME-Powered Trucks Edging Closer to the Road

January 2014

US Hybrid - US Hybrid Executes Global Fuel Cell Technology Licensing Agreement With United Technologies

Toyota - CES 2014: Toyota shows off fuel cell car that can also power a home

Freightliner - Con-way Freight Expands Freightliner Natural Gas-Powered Tractors in its Fleet

Hydrogenics - New hydrogen fueling station and bus concept launched in the Netherlands