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CALSTART Leadership Circle 

CALSTART’s Leadership Circle recognizes members who advance the fuel and technology neutral mission by supporting our nonprofit organization. Our member contributions are fundamental to CALSTART’s development of state and federal policy that accelerates the adoption of alternative fuels, vehicles and technologies, and that creates jobs in those areas. The Leadership Circle gives members the opportunity to be a part of candid discussions with CALSTART executives, staff experts and other policy leaders.  

Why the Leadership Circle?
We know members are hungry for information about regulations, policy, and funding opportunities. We know that through surveys and regular information requests we get from you. CALSTART wants to honor that request and has created the Leadership Circle to provide periodic “in-depth” review of what is happening and the trends in these important areas for the clean transportation industry.  

But this is not meant to be a one way discussion. It is meant to be a dialog with you. By actively engaging you in the Leadership Circle we provide a forum to educate us all. Members will hear about the various projects CALSTART is working on and the breadth of the partnerships through those projects. Members will have the opportunity to “talk to CALSTART” and create a valuable way for us to stay on top of the evolving market through the information you have to share with us.  

How the Leadership Circle Works
The Leadership Circle will take the form of two Executive Briefings each year. The briefings will be hosted by CALSTART President and CEO John Boesel and will last approximately 3-4 hours. 

Organizations that contribute $7,950 or more during their membership year are automatically included in the Leadership Circle. Contributions can take the form of:

Membership dues within or above your organization’s dues level
Financial support of CALSTART Action/Working Groups
Contributions to CALSTART’s policy work
Sponsorship of annual conferences, membership networking events, or research studies

How to Become a Member of the Leadership Circle
All CALSTART Full Service ($7950 level) and Board members are automatically Leadership Circle members. CALSTART members at lower levels can become members of the Leadership Circle when they contribute to CALSTART in any one of the ways mentioned above. For further information about the Leadership Circle, please contact Director of Member Services, Kimberly Taylor, at We look forward to your leadership!