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Clean Transportation Webinar Series Schedule

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

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CALSTART is conducting a series of web-based presentations and conversations related to clean transportation, breaking information about funding opportunities, and more. Although most of the webinars are presented without fee, CALSTART members have exclusive access to webinar recordings and presentations following each event. And, when there is a fee, the webinar is free for members. So if you need help finding partners, tracking high level opportunities, or keeping abreast of industry activities, become a member of CALSTART today.

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Past webinars

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October 29, 2017:  Odyne's ePTO Technology Deployed

CALSTART recently completed a project assisting Odyne with the deployment of their ePTO technology on plug-in hybrid utility trucks. ePTOs, or electric Power Take-Off devices, enable hydraulic boom trucks (e.g., bucket trucks or digger derricks) to operate their booms at jobsites without having to run their engines, saving fuel while providing for a healthier, safer jobsite. The booms are powered instead by onboard batteries. In adidtion, the trucks can be configured to engage a regenerative braking/launch assist takeoff system. Two fleets in California were chosen to demonstrate the trucks and prove the technology. In this webinar, representatives of Odyne, PG&E, and CALSTART discuss the technology, how it fits in a fleet's sustainability targets, and how users of the technology adopted it into their daily work activities. Speakers included Matt Jarmuz, Director of Sales, Odyne; Alex Reimer, Fleet Engineer, PG&E; and Chase LeCroy, Program Manager, CALSTART.

Click here to access the presentations.

Click here to replay the webinar.

May 25, 2017:  FTA's Mobility on Demand Sandbox Program and Transit Award Winners

Improving mobility on demand (MoD) is one hot topic in the transit industry. This webinar featured FTA's Christina Gikakis who spoke about the FTA's MoD program, including the Sandbox Project. Speakers from BART and RTA of Pima County spoke about their award-winning projects.

Fred Silver, Vice President, CALSTART, moderated the webinar.

The speakers included (click on each speaker's name to view/download his/her presentation):

Christina Gikakis, Project Manager, Federal Transit Agency

Nikki Foletta, AICP, BART Principal Planner, Grant Developer

James McGinnis, Transit Services Manager, Pima Association of Governments, Regional Transportation Authority

CLICK HERE to view the recording of this webinar.

May 18, 2017: Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Cybersecurity: An Introduction to the Challenges

Cybersecurity is a prerequisite for many of the technologies garnering attention today – automation, connectivity, V2X. Unless these systems are protected against cyberattack, the potential for life-threatening disruptions are very real. Light-Duty cars have seen growing awareness of the threats and the formation of the Auto-ISAC to address cybersecurity. What about Medium- and Heavy-Duty trucks and buses? The issues are even more current and critical for the trucking and transit industries. 

This webinar introduced cybersecurity challenges, what is being done, and what still needs to be done for cybersecurity to be included in system development for current and future MD/HD vehicles.

Speakers included Mike Ippoliti, CTSG Director, CALSTART [Moderator]; Keith Doorenbos, Software Engineering - Cybersecurity, PACCAR; Jack R. Spielman, Associate Director, Ground Systems Cyber Engineering US Army, TARDEC; and Mark Zachos, President DGTech, SAE and TMC Cybersecurity Committee Leader. Missed this webinar? Click here to listen to a recording of the webinar. 

April 18, 2017:  Autonomous Mini-Shuttles:  Here Today and Driving into the Future

Autonomous mini-shuttles are on the road today. Projects have been funded in the U.S. and demonstrations are underway across the country. The webinar includes an overview of these self-driving, all-electric vehicles and presentations from three manufacturers about their mini-shuttles.

The webinar was moderated by Fred Silver, Vice President of CALSTART. Speakers included Mike Ippoliti, CTSG Director of CALSTARTLauren Isaac, Director of Business Initiatives at EasyMileHugh Palmer, Vice President of Product Development at LocalMotors; and Matt Lesh, Chief Commercial Officer at Coast AutonomousTo view the webinar, click here.

February 13, 2017:  California Legislative Briefing - Major New California Utility Investment Plans for Commercial EV Infrastructure

On January 20, California’s three largest investor-owned utilities submitted applications to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to collectively invest more than $1 Billion in EV infrastructure, focusing on medium and heavy-duty vehicles. The CPUC directed utilities to file these applications following passage of the 2015 law, SB 350, which made widespread transportation electrification a principal goal of California utilities. CALSTART’s Commercial Electric Vehicle Working Group (CEVWG) members assisted with development of the applications over the past year.

Speakers included Ryan Schuchard, Policy Director, CALSTART; Linda Brown, Electric Operations and Maintenance, San Diego Gas and Electric; Jana Corey, Director, Electrification and Alternative Fuels, Pacific Gas & Electric; and Laura Renger, Principal Manager for Air & Climate, Regulatory Affairs, Southern California Edison. Missed this webinar? Click here to listen to the recording of the webinar. 

January 23, 2017:  Introduction to Low or No Emission Buses

This webinar was hosted by the Federal Transit Administration and presented for transit fleet personnel who are considering adding Low of No Emission Buses to their fleets and includes an overview of these buses and a panel of transit operators with experience in introducing these buses into their fleets.

The welcome was provided by Tara Clark, Low-No Program Manager, FTA and the webinar featured presentations from Fred Silver, Vice President and Bus Initiative Leader, CALSTARTKirt Conrad, General Manager, Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA), Canton, OHDonna De Martino, General Manager San Joaquin Regional Transit District (SJRTD), Stockton, CA; and Marc Manning, Zero Emission Bus Program Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Chicago, IL. Documents associated with this webinar and a recording can be found here

November 16, 2016:  Election Update - What the US Presidential Election and California Elections Mean for CALSTART

This webinar unpacks what the recent elections on November 8 mean for the clean transportation technology industry and CALSTART members. Topics covered included the results of the US Presidential election, California state elections, and regional California transit measures. In addition to taking stock of the current landscape and key developments to watch for, funding resources like FAST Act funding and the VW settlement were also considered. CALSTART also proposed priorities, messages, and plans for engagement with the new administration.

The webinar was moderated by Ryan Schuchard, Policy Director at CALSTART, and included the following speakers: Reed Addis, Principal at Environmental and Energy Consulting; John Boesel, President and CEO at CALSTART; and Lynn Jacquez, Principal at CJ Lake. Missed this webinar? Click here to listen to the recording of the webinar. 

September 9, 2016:  HD Phase 2 Fuel Economy Rules - What They Mean, How They'll Work

The U.S. just released world-leading standards for reducing fuel use and carbon emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, known as HD “Phase 2”. These new rules go into effect as soon as 2018 for trailers and 2021 for trucks and buses. 

The final rules are more stringent than what was proposed in draft just a year ago and will lead to significantly more efficient heavy vehicles. To understand how these rules are structured and how they will work, CALSTART hosted a webinar that tackled several questions, including: 

What are the details of these new rules? 

How will they work? 

What are the implications for long haul trucks and vocational vehicles? 

What technologies will we see over the next decade? 

Will California adopt the rules, modify them, or chose a different path? 

These and other issues were discussed directly by the agencies involved, together with addressing key industry and fleet questions. Speakers include Bill Van Amburg, Senior V.P., CALSTART; Matt Spears, Center Director, Heavy-Duty Diesel Program, US EPA; and Kim Heroy-Rogalski, Chief, Mobile Source Regulatory Development Branch, ARB. Missed this event? Listen to the recording and download the presentations here

August 4, 2016:  CALSTART California Legislative Briefing

On August 1, California’s State Legislature reconvened from summer recess and started the final month in its two-year legislative session. During this time, legislators decide on passage of bills that are critically important to the clean transportation technology industry, including SB 32 (which could extend Cap and Trade and make the state’s 2030 reduction target a legal statute), continuation of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard beyond 2020, and appropriation of the Governor’s proposed $500 million budget for Low Carbon Transportation. 

This webinar provides an update on the state of legislative affairs and describes what CALSTART members can do to support these important measures. Speakers included Ryan Schuchard, Policy Director at CALSTART and Reed Addis, Principal at Environmental & Energy Consulting. Missed this event? Listen to the recording here. 

June 7, 2016:  What You Need to Know about Renewable Diesel

Renewable Diesel (RD) is increasingly capturing the attention of fleet managers around the country. RD is a fuel option that does not require conversion of vehicles or special fuel distribution or fueling infrastructure. It is chemically similar to petroleum diesel, but is 100% renewable and sustainable. RD also meets the diesel ASTM D975 specification so it will not void vehicle warranties. Renewable diesel is a high cetane product with low greenhouse gas and nitrogen oxides emissions and does not contain sulfur.

Speakers included Kimberly Taylor, Director of Member Services at CALSTART; PatO'Keefe, Vice President of Golden Gate Petroleum; and Oakland’s fleet manager, Richard Battersby, who has been using it in all of hisdiesel-powered equipment since last Fall. Missed this event? Listen to the recording and download the presentations here. 

May 31, 2016:  MD/HD Demonstration Program: TransPower's Electric Drayage Demonstration Project

The California Energy Commission (CEC)’s Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program (ARFVTP) supports the development of alternative and renewable low-carbon fuels, the technologies that utilize them, the infrastructure needed to support them, and efforts to increase adoption in fleets. CALSTART is collaborating with Transportation Power Inc. (TransPower) on the Electric Drayage Demonstration (EDD) Project to build and demonstrate five fully electric Class 8 drayage trucks.Additional funding has enabled two more trucks to be built.  All seven EDD trucks are being put into demonstration service with operators in and around the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Successful demonstration of these trucks will accelerate commercialization of TransPower’s ElecTruck™ electric propulsion system, which TransPower believes will become the first practical, reliable, and economical zero-emission transportation solution for the largest road vehicles such as Class 8 port drayage trucks.

CALSTART’s“Demonstration and Assessment Project Briefings” webinars review recently completed or near completed projects that we and our partner companies have been working on to advance sustainable transportation options for the bus,trucking, and off-road industries.  Missed this event? Listen to the recording and download the presentations here. (Note: This is member-only content.)

May 24, 2016:  MD/HD Demonstration Program: Caterpillar Inc.'s Hybrid Excavator

The California Energy Commission (CEC)’s Advanced Medium-and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Demonstration Program supports the development of advanced vehicle technologies to accelerate fuel savings, job creation, and reduction of carbon emissions while identifying commercialization pathways with a focus on moving goods and people around California’s air basins. CALSTART is administering this program with and has worked with several technology developers to demonstrate pre-production vehicles in real-world settings.  In particular, Caterpillar Inc. demonstrated and validated its new hydraulic hybrid excavator in construction and landfill environments. The CEC-funded demonstration helped Caterpillar bring this hybrid machine to market earlier than planned and it is now available commercially worldwide.

CALSTART’s “Demonstration and Assessment Project Briefings” webinars review recently completed or near completed projects that we and our partner companies have been working on to advance sustainable transportation options for the bus, trucking, and off-road industries. Missed this event? Listen to the recording and download the presentations here. (NOTE: This is member-only content.)

March 29, 2016:  Low Carbon Fuel Standard Credits for Electric Fleets 

Ryan Schuchard, Policy Director at CALSTART, will facilitate a discussion on trends and opportunities for fleets to generate Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits from commercial vehicle electrification. Speakers include Andrew Papson from Foothill Transit, Sam Wade from the California Air Resources Board, and Jean-Baptiste Gallo from CALSTART. Missed this event? Listen to the recording and download the presentation here. (NOTE:  This is member-only content.)

February 16, 2016:  California ARB Innovative Technology Regulation (ITR)

The California ARB is developing an Innovative Technology Regulation (ITR)to provide certification and aftermarket part approval flexibility for the next generation of innovative medium- and heavy-duty engine and vehicle technologies. ARB’s existing engine and vehicle approval paradigm, geared towards traditional technologies, may deter some manufacturers from developing promising new truck and bus technologies that are uncertain to achieve market acceptance. ITR would provide tiered ARB certification and on-board diagnostics (OBD) requirements for an innovative technology, providing targeted flexibility at market launch and early technology deployment stages, and reverting back to full ARB approval requirements once the technology achieves a market foothold. Specific certification and OBD flexibility provisions should provide manufacturers with a defined, predictable, and practical ARB approval pathway, while preserving ARB’s overarching objective to ensure expected emission benefits are achieved in-use. The Innovative Technology Regulation is tentatively scheduled for Board consideration in 2016. Missed this event? Listen to the recording and download the presentation here. (NOTE:  This is member-only content.)