Staff Directory

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  • John Boesel, President and CEO

  • Tom Brotherton, Regional Director

  • Jeffrey Caperton, Accounting Director

  • Margaret De Guzman, Program Financial Analyst and Human Resources/Payroll Officer

  • Alycia Gilde, Regional Director

  • Deborah Islam, Staff Accountant

  • Kristian Jokinen, Project Manager

  • Chase LeCroy, Project Manager

  • Kevin Leong, Project Manager

  • Virginia Ochoa, Office Manager

  • Joseph Oldham, Director San Joaquin Valley Clean Transportation Center

  • Ryan Schuchard, Policy Director

  • Steven Sokolsky, Program Manager/Regional Director

  • Fred Silver, Vice President

  • Kimberly Taylor, Director Member Services

  • Dr. Jasna Tomić, Research Director

  • Bill Van Amburg, Executive Vice President

  • Dr. Lawrence Wnuk, Senior Director